Monitoring Water Extent Using Earth Observation Data

Explore the Water Observations from Space service from Digital Earth Africa and how our users are utilising the data for research in Ghana.  
20 Oct 2021

Detecting Land Degradation Using Geospatial Data

Learn more about using Digital Earth Africa to monitor land degradation in Apamprama Forest Reserve, Ghana using satellite data accessed through the DE Africa Open Data Cube.
20 Oct 2021

Now Available: Learning Platform and New Intro to Sandbox Course

Digital Earth Africa is excited to launch a new Learning Platform featuring an improved training course ‘Intro to Sandbox’ which is available in both English and French. The…
19 Oct 2021

Digital Earth Africa Youth Mappers Workshop

Digital Earth Africa was invited to present to a group of young people who are passionate about using geospatial technologies to create data in places of extreme poverty. These…
18 Oct 2021

Digital Earth Africa launches Program Management Office in Pretoria

Digital Earth Africa is delighted to celebrate the appointment of the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) as its Program Management Office. The milestone was marked by a…
12 Oct 2021

Using satellite data to monitor agriculture in Ghana - The GAIMS platform from Big Data Ghana.

Created by the team at Big Data Ghana, GAIMS is an online open data platform focusing on agricultural data in Ghana. It aims to provide the agricultural sector in Ghana with…
11 Oct 2021

Advances in Geomatics Research Pre-Conference (AGRC2021) workshop

  The Department of Geomatics and Land Management, Makerere University will hold the 6th Advances in Geomatics Research Conference (AGRC2021) virtual event streaming from…
06 Oct 2021

Water Assessment and Monitoring in the Lake Ngami, Lower Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Okavango Delta is a dynamic and complex freshwater wetland in Botswana. It changes with the seasons, years and over the course of decades due to its position within a complex…
20 Sep 2021

New tools to tackle food insecurity in Africa

Consistent access to sufficient food is one of the biggest challenges facing the African continent. 33.8 million people are living with acute food insecurity in East Africa alone…
09 Sep 2021

Digital Earth Africa - Detecting landscape change and unregulated mining

Preventing just 10% of unregulated mining would be worth $900 million to the African economy (1).  Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) can be used to provide meaningful insight…
07 Sep 2021