About Digital Earth Africa

Digital Earth Africa exists to improve the lives of people across the African continent by translating Earth observations into insights that will support sustainable development. 

Our platform and services enable African governments, industry and decision makers to track changes across the continent in unprecedented detail. This provides valuable insights for better decision making across many areas, including flooding, drought, soil and coastal erosion, agriculture, forest cover, land use and land cover change, water availability and quality, and changes to human settlements. 

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We are built on partnerships with African governance and in-country expertise to create sustained capability development in Africa. Digital Earth Africa is working with the African and international community to ensure that Earth observation data is analysis ready, rapidly available and readily accessible to meet the needs of our users. Learn more about our partners here


The establishment of Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) has been funded by US-based Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust and the Australian Government. The Australian Government has committed to providing the technical and operational expertise from Digital Earth Australia (DE Australia). Through the establishment phase, we will institutionalize the DE Africa program in Africa, and staffing for the program based in Africa will increase over the next three years. A key objective is to leverage the existing capacity across Africa and work with partner institutions to maximize the potential impact of the program.