We currently have data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Landsat 5, 7 and 8 for five countries: Tanzania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Kenya. We also use provisional Landsat data for the entire continent for our Water Observations from Space (WOfS) product.

Landsat 8 image of Guinea Bissau. See our gallery for more Landsat imagery from DE Africa.

Landsat 8 image of Guinea Bissau

This Collection provides multi-spectral land surface reflectance and land surface temperature observations at 30 metre spatial resolution from the Landsat satellite series. Observations in the Collection commence in the mid-eighties with coverage increasing over time as technical capabilities (instruments, satellites and ground stations) have improved. Landsat Collection 2 surface reflectance and surface temperature data from Landsat 5, 7, and 8 was made publicly to all users following the release of USGS global products in late – 2020.

Landsat 5,7 and 8

  • Data type: Surface reflectance
  • Data timespan: April 1984 – December 2019
  • Available regions: Tanzania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Kenya
  • Spatial resolution: 30 × 30 m (size of one pixel)
  • Temporal resolution: 16 days (one flyover every 16 days by each satellite, or approximately twice a month)
  • Spectral resolution: 7 spectral bands — Coastal/Aerosol, Blue, Green, Red, Near-Infrared, Short Wavelength Infrared 1, Short Wavelength Infrared 2