Digital Earth Africa reaches a significant technical milestone - 3PB of data in the AWS Cape Town Region

Digital Earth Africa reaches a significant technical milestone - 3PB of satellite data for sustainable development in the AWS Cape Town facility Digital Earth Africa now has over…
08 Feb 2022

Combining the power of Digital Earth Africa and local knowledge for planned grazing management in Northern Kenya

Background  Agriculture is key to Kenya’s economy, contributing 26% of the country’s GDP and employing more than 70% of the rural population. A sustainable agricultural industry…
12 Jan 2022

DE Africa - Building Capacity and Careers

At Digital Earth Africa, our mission is much more than providing data services. We aim to build a strong community of DE Africa users that is founded on support, training and a…
15 Dec 2021

Digital Earth Africa signs MOU with the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Ghana

The MOU, signed in October 2021, marks the beginning of a collaborative partnership between Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) and the University of Energy and Natural Resources (…
09 Dec 2021

DE Africa celebrates GIS Day 2021 at TUK and JKUAT universities.

Digital Earth Africa celebrated GIS Day 2021 with the students and lecturers from the Technical University of Kenya (TUK) and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and…
25 Nov 2021

Big Data Ghana and agriBORA Win Digital Earth Africa Innovation Challenge

The Digital Earth Africa Innovation Challenge is a small-scale incubator program targeted at African businesses. It aims to solve real world problems by employing satellite data,…
16 Nov 2021

Monitoring urbanisation in Gulu City, Uganda

Cities across Africa have experienced rapid urban growth since the 1950’s, with a particularly sharp increase over the past decade. The rapid growth, which shows no sign of…
27 Oct 2021

Detecting Land Degradation Using Geospatial Data

Learn more about using Digital Earth Africa to monitor land degradation in Apamprama Forest Reserve, Ghana using satellite data accessed through the DE Africa Open Data Cube.
20 Oct 2021

Rising Lakes in the Rift Valley in Kenya

For some time now, the rising water volume of most Rift Valley Lakes in Kenya has led to significant economic, social and environmental challenges, with widespread flooding…
20 Oct 2021

Monitoring Water Extent Using Earth Observation Data

Explore the Water Observations from Space service from Digital Earth Africa and how our users are utilising the data for research in Ghana.  
20 Oct 2021