26 Sep 2023

Digital Earth Africa and Digital Earth Australia feature in the latest art installation from Grayson Cooke.

Digital Earth Australia (DEA) and Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) have been featured at Grayson Cooke’s art installation at the Society for Ecological Restoration Conference hosted in Darwin, Australia.

Grayson Cooke has dedicated countless hours to exploring the Australian and African continents through the use of Digital Earth platforms, finding beauty in the similarities and differences of their respective landscapes. As we confront the challenges of climate change, Grayson's creative exploration allows us to witness the evolving landscapes, emphasising their dynamic transformation over time.

Grayson’s art actively promotes awareness regarding the potential for users to engage with these platforms, enabling policy makers, scientists, the private sector and civil society to address social, environmental and economic challenges on each continent.

Senegal river 2023 captured by Grayson Cooke
Senegal river 2023 captured by Grayson Cooke


Using the patterns of the past to plan for the future. How Earth observation is helping address climate change.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals outline an urgent call to action for all countries to collaborate in a global partnership to ensure a sustainable future for people and the planet. This includes key thematic areas of zero hunger (Goal 2), clean water and sanitation (Goal 6) and climate action (goal 13). Digital Earth Australia (DEA) and Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) address these goals by translating satellite data into relevant, useful tools that are free and openly accessible to anyone. This decision ready data allows users to address a vast number of issues including soil and coastal erosion, agriculture, forest and desert development, water quality and availability and changes to human settlements.

By offering data that illustrates evolving continental landscapes, DE Africa promotes informed and inclusive decision-making. Through its dedicated learning platform, bilingual content, and weekly live sessions in English and French, the program ensures accessibility, resulting in numerous success stories from users across the African continent:


For more information about Digital Earth Australia and Digital Earth Africa visit: 

Digital Earth Australia

Digital Earth Africa

Map-based access to DEA Coastlines, DE Africa Coastlines and DEA Intertidal Elevation services, as well as many other Landsat based services, can be found here Digital Earth Australia Map and Digital Earth Africa Map.

All DEA and DE Africa services can be accessed through the free learning and analysis environments provided by the Digital Earth Australia Sandbox and DE Africa Sandboxes.The Sandboxes include sample data and Jupyter Notebooks that allow you to experiment with DEA and DE Africa’s Earth Observation datasets and explore proof-of-concept applications.

To sign up for a Sandbox user account, visit: https://app.sandbox.dea.ga.gov.au or https://sandbox.digitalearth.africa/