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Three-year plan 2019-2022

Year 1: Setting the foundation

  • Develop the governance framework, mission and vision
  • Implement the governance framework
  • Establish institutional hosting arrangements and DE Africa Office
  • Recruitment of DE Africa Office staff
  • Deliver DE Africa Day, web-site & key events
  • Deliver continental-wide beta water observations from space product
  • Develop key strategies: Communications and stakeholder engagement, partnerships, and capacity building
  • Establish key partnerships with in-country enablers and others
  • Ensure alignment with relevant initiatives, programs and institutions
  • Undertake Australian Government Investment Design process
  • Develop technical roadmap
  • Build the DE Africa data and ODC infrastructure

Year 2: Building capacity and uptake

  • First DE Africa Annual Users Meeting
  • Implement technical roadmap
  • Deliver 3 continental-wide products
  • DE Africa Office operating and fully staffed 
  • Regular training and capacity building program in place
  • Engage at the country level on uptake of DE Africa products
  • Increase the ability for African countries to exploit DE Africa products and services
  • Produce a study on the economic value of EO data for Africa
  • Increase comprehensive stakeholder engagement
  • Secure co-investment from additional philanthropic/aid agencies 

Year 3: A developing ecosystem

  • Deliver 5 continental-wide products
  • Deliver case studies on the impact of EO data on decision making in Africa
  • Demonstrate a developing business case for direct country-level investment based on delivered value
  • Demonstrate cases of products and services from DE Africa being independently ingested into new, innovative applications
  • Develop a sustainability plan for the continued operations of DE Africa