13 May 2020

Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) has committed to the development of a Gender Equality, Diversity and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) Strategy to ensure the program delivers transformative outcomes for all Africans.

Our aim is to improve lives across Africa through more sustainable use of resources, economic diversification, and access to tailored information for decision making. For our information and data products to be accessible by anyone, we are working to establish the program in a way that prioritises gender equality, diversity, and social inclusion so that women, people with disabilities and marginalised individuals and communities have the same opportunities to benefit from EO data.

Development of the GEDSI Strategy is underway, and will be guided by the following questions:

  • How can we ensure diverse participation and leadership opportunities through partnerships and capacity building?
  • How can we ensure that our data, services and products are developed with deliberate and demonstrable benefits for women and girls, people with disability and diverse groups?
  • How can we effectively embed our commitment to inclusivity across all operations?
  • How can we become a leader in fostering and showcasing GEDSI principles and approaches?

We’re undertaking a number of stakeholder interviews including our funding partners, Governance Body representatives, and other external stakeholders that represent diverse groups across Africa.

The GEDSI Strategy will include this input and provide an action plan for implementation, and will be made available on our website once complete.