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The below strategies outline how the three-year plan is being achieved. These are live documents that are continuously updated to reflect the changing needs of the program. 

Strategy Purpose Status Download
Communication To provide the framework and overarching direction for all communication activities and stakeholder engagement activities. Last updated 16 January 2020 Communication Strategy 2019-2021 PDF
Capacity development To outline the principles, tools and methodologies for capacity development, using an impact-oriented and demand-driven approach. Under review  
Partnerships A high-level approach for mutually beneficial partnerships that help to deliver the program, amplify the benefits and ensure sustainability. Last updated 20 September 2019
Partnership Strategy PDF
Alignment A high-level approach for working with programs that exist in Africa to maximize shared benefits. Under review  
Technical road map To provide guidance to DE Africa's Technical Advisory Committee for selecting and delivering products. Under review  
Data validation The approach for validating DE Africa datasets and how to assess, identify bias or errors and highlight any limitations. Under review  
Gender equity, diversity and inclusion The approach for ensuring DE Africa is an exemplar of diversity and inclusiveness. In development  
Sustainability A value proposition that supports a sustainable business and funding model by engaging countries, thus ensuring delivery of DE Africa products and services in the long-term. In development