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STAC Sprint

The STAC (Spatial Temporal Asset Catalogue) community is coming together to collaborate on pushing forward the STAC ecosystem. The STAC specification provides a common language to describe geospatial information and enables greater accessibility for users.

This virtual event will focus on bringing new datasets online to contribute to the cloud native geospatial ecosystem, and upgrade existing catalogues. It’s an opportunity for participants to:

  • Hear a range of lightning talks highlighting the diverse activities within the STAC community, including the use of STAC within the Digital Earth Africa platform
  • Join tutorials on select STAC topics
  • Have access to daily check-ins and open rooms for collaboration.

We're proud to be a gold sponsor and will be awarding a prize, stay tuned for the challenge!

Find out more about how to sign up through Radiant Earth.

Cloud Native Geospatial Outreach Day

Join us on 8 September for our 'Building Digital Earth Africa' presentation. Alex Leith from Digital Earth Australia and Africa Technologies will discuss how the program is using Cloud Optimised GeoTIFFs and STAC metadata to help people work with analysis-ready Earth observation data more easily. You'll find out how you can use the DE Africa platform, including optical and radar data.

Sign up through Radiant Earth.

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