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Analysis Ready Data for Africa
Dr Adam Lewis, Managing Director of DE Africa and Co-Chair of the Committee on Earth Observing Satellites (CEOS) Strategic Implementation Team, shares the importance and benefits of analysis-ready data for Africa.
Harnessing the potential of all people: the benefits of diversity and inclusion
Yariwo Kitiyo, Women in GIS Kenya, Phoebe Oduor, Regional Centre for Mapping for Resource Development, Emily Adams, NASA SERVIR and Steven Ramage, Group on Earth Observations share their thoughts on why diversity and inclusion is important and how we can put it into practice.
Co-designing product development to address food security in Africa
To address the rise in food insecurity we're developing a cropland area map product for crop monitoring. Project lead Chad Burton and shares insights into the product and the development process.
Understanding users’ and their needs
During the transition of users from the Africa Regional Data Cube to Digital Earth Africa it has been important to understand users' needs throughout the process. The Transition Team shares why, and the next steps to continue capacity development.
Providing confidence in Digital Earth Africa data products
Dr Meghan Halabisky is leading the development and implementation of the DE Africa validation strategy, and shares the approach of achieving confidence in the data while highlighting any limitations.