13 Apr 2022

Digital Earth Africa is privileged to be featured in the latest video from UN Big Data. The video demonstrates Digital Earth Africa’s ability to deliver big data to enable an informed response to the challenges of climate change and sustainable development across Africa. 

Watch the video to learn more about Digital Earth Africa and how teams at the Ghana Statistical Service are using the tools and services to inform decision making across Ghana.

Digital Earth Africa offers a clear pathway for analysts and more senior decision makers to use tools for their needs with free access to the multilingual training platform and the growing community of users.” Omar Seidu - Head of Demographic Statistics and Coordinator of Data for SDGs in Ghana, and Co-Chair of the DE Africa Technical Advisory Committee. 

The Ghana Statistical Service is at the forefront of innovation by integrating big data into their research and practices, strengthening their ability to provide trusted expert advice to government and decision makers. By integrating Digital Earth Africa data and services into their research they have been able to deliver more timely statistical outputs and provide richer insights with minimal additional costs. 

Developing the institutional capacity for both government and private sector is key to harness these new innovative approaches. And this is what Digital Earth Africa offers.” Omar Seidu 

For more information on how the Ghana Statistical Service and DE Africa are collaborating, take a look at this blog

Thanks to the UN Committee of Experts on Big Data and Data Science Task Team on Earth Observation Data for this collaboration.