31 Oct 2023

Liban Hassan Mohamed, a Geospatial Engineer at the Institute of Climate and Environment at Simad University in Somalia, has distinguished himself as a DE Africa Champion. His dedication to utilising GIS and Digital Earth Africa's satellite data to address real-world challenges has earned him well-deserved recognition in the DE Africa community.

A Passion for Environmental Solutions

Liban's journey into geospatial engineering began with a Bachelor's degree in Geoscience and Environment. Armed with this knowledge, he embarked on a mission to make a meaningful impact. His toolkit includes GIS, satellite imagery, GPS systems, and various geospatial tools, all directed towards collecting, analysing, and interpreting vital information about our physical environment.

Empowering Change Through DE Africa

At the core of Liban's environmental initiatives lies the Digital Earth Africa platform, a powerful resource for geospatial analysis. In February 2023, Liban participated in a joint training programme on Timely Monitoring Environmental SDG Indicators in Somalia, led by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD), DE Africa, and the Somalia National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS). This collaboration underscored the pivotal role of data-driven decision-making in environmental conservation. Through the Digital Earth Africa Sandbox, Liban has designed innovative models for tracking changes in mangroves and changes in the coastline of Somalia. You can read more about his use case for the DE Africa data here.  

Liban Hassan Mohamed's dedication to environmental conservation inspires us all. His expertise, coupled with the resources provided by Digital Earth Africa, exemplifies how individuals and innovative technology can come together to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

For those interested in connecting with Liban you can contact him at libanhassan@simad.edu.so. Liban's journey is a testament to the power of passion, technology, and collaboration in championing a sustainable future for our planet. Together, we can make a difference, one geospatial data point at a time.

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