09 Aug 2019

A Governance Framework for Digital Earth Africa is now available, which shares the vision for the program and the key guiding principles to achieving it.

The Governance Framework also outlines the core functions, relationships, terms of reference and process for the Governing Board, the Technical Advisory Committee, and the Stakeholder Community Group. The Board will provide advice and oversight, while the TAC will set priorities.  

The governance of DE Africa will be guided by several key principles:

  1. accountability and transparency
  2. continental-scale data, products and operational services
  3. responsive to African priorities
  4. foster national and regional collaboration
  5. open and free data
  6. sustainability
  7. diversity and inclusion
  8. incorporate multi-sector perspectives to maximise benefits
  9. incorporate perspectives from across data communities
  10. incorporate domain expertise
  11. agile, nimble and action oriented
  12. interoperability
  13. privacy and integrity.

The Governance Framework is designed to leverage the support, expertise and knowledge existing in Africa at all levels and across sectors.

You can download the Digital Earth Africa Governance Framework.