International Dialogue on Climate-Smart Rangeland Management

23 - May - 2023 - 24 - May - 2023

About The Event

With a theme entitled Sustainable Use of Rangeland Resources for Improved Livelihoods in the era of climate change, the International Dialogue on Climate-Smart Rangeland Management Conference aims to:

  1. Create an interactive global forum for stakeholders including departments, local and international organizations to share experiences, best practices and lessons learned in building fibre industry resilience to climate shocks. 
  2. Serve as a platform to advance technical and practical measures towards reversing land degradation and their effective implementation.
  3. Facilitate the interaction between government departments and potential development partners to enhance access to financing for supporting climate-smart rangeland management. 
  4. Enhance awareness of rangeland rehabilitation efforts by different organizations in Lesotho in order to foster collaboration, avoid duplication and increase impacts.