09 Jun 2022

AGRHYMET Regional Center hosted a workshop in May to train users on Digital Earth Africa’s Sandbox platform, helping individuals to develop the techniques they need to process and explore Earth observation data. The workshop was designed to help users:

  • Understand the principles, theory and methodology behind Digital Earth Africa tools and data.
  • Apply the knowledge and skills acquired during this training to support the objectives of Digital Earth Africa.

The opening ceremony of this workshop took place on Tuesday 17 May 2022, and was chaired by Dr. Mahalmoudou Hamadoun, Director General of the AGRHYMET Regional Center. Other esteemed guests included Dr. Fang Yuan, Digital Earth Africa, Prof. Patrice Sanou, Director of ISESTEL, Dr. Abdou Ali, Head of the Information and Research Department and Mr. Songoti Henri, Head of the Technical Support Department.

The workshop welcomed 40 participants from the Abdou Moumouni University, the University of Diffa, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, NGOs and the AGRHYMET Regional Center.

AGRHYMET workshop opening ceremony
Presidium: from left to right: Mr. Songoti, Dr. Hamadoun and Dr. Abdou in the room and Dr Fang Yuan and Pr Sanou Isestel online. With opening remarks by the Director General (centre). 

There were a number of presentations from a range of speakers representing AGRHYMET, Google Earth Engine, Digital Earth Africa and SERVIR. Full details and links to each presentation deck are available below. There were also activities run to show attendees how to access the DE Africa Sandbox and discussions on how they could use the tools and notebooks available. All the attendees were presented with a certificate from the Governor General in appreciation of their participation. 


  • DE Africa and the DE Africa Open source platform and discussion by Dr Mansour Mahamane. Presentation available here. 
  • Google Earth Engine by Akounda Gbamra. Presentation available here. 
  • The application of Earth observation data to natural resource management for sustainable development by Dr Mansou Mahamane. Presentation available here
  • Crop Mask with activities and exercises on the DE Africa Sandbox by Joseph Tuyishimire. Presentation available here
  • Training Context, including objectives and expected results by Dr Mansour Mahamane. Presentation available here
  • Case study in remote sensing by Mr. Soumana Djibo. Presentation available here
  • DE Africa Gender Equality Diversity and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) by Dr Jamila Chaibou. Presentation available here.
  • Geo-spatial analysis to improve agricultural productivity by Murali Krishna. Presentation available here.
workshop participants
The workshop participants learning how to analyse crop conditions, editing Sandbox notebooks and visiting the satellite reception room of the AGRHYMET Regional Center chaired by Moulaye Oumarou. 
Participants doing activities at the AGRHYMET workshopParticipants of the AGRHYMET workshop and their awards


Team in the closing ceremony for AGRHYMET workshop
Closing ceremony of the workshop by the Director General, Dr. Mahalmoudou Hamadoun.