19 Oct 2021

Digital Earth Africa is excited to launch a new Learning Platform featuring an improved training course ‘Intro to Sandbox’ which is available in both English and French. The Learning Platform will replace the existing Training Website with a more intuitive interface and improved user experience.

The Learning Platform will be a central location for all training materials and courses from DE Africa. There will be more training courses added to the Learning Platform over time. Sign up to our mailing list to find out when we release new training material. It provides a place for the user community to upskill while engaging with the DE Africa platform and services, offering opportunities for users across Africa to enhance their skills and knowledge - an essential part of DE Africa’s mission. 

The Learning Platform includes the new ‘Intro to Sandbox’ course. This is  built on the successful ‘6-week course’ which has over 160 certified completions. Like the 6-Week course, ‘Intro to Sandbox’ is completely free, and designed to teach users how to best utilise the Sandbox for analysis and development of use cases in the users’ area of choice. Conducting meaningful analysis is an excellent way for users to use the DE Africa platform and services with an impact on their chosen location and topic of interest. 

Importantly, this course is available in both English and French to expand the accessibility of the course to our Francophone users, and enabling users to become immersed in the content for a high-quality training experience in both languages. The new look ‘Intro to Sandbox’ course has all the existing content and assessments, additional quizzes, and opportunities to provide feedback.

Excited to start learning more about how to use the Sandbox? Register and Sign in at learn.digitalearthafrica.org.

The DE Africa Sandbox is a cloud based computational platform that operates using a Jupyter Lab environment. It is a free compute resource for DE Africa users and data scientists to explore DE Africa data and products. Learn more here.


Learning Platform

  • How do I access the courses in the Learning Platform? 

          Register and sign in at learn.digitalearthafrica.org. You will need an internet connection and a valid email address.

  • Can I sign in with my DE Africa Sandbox account credentials?

         Not yet , you will need to make a separate account at learn.digitalearthafrica.org.

Intro to Sandbox course

  • Does it cost money to enroll or sign up?

          No, the ‘Intro to Sandbox’ course is freely available.

  • What languages can I study in?

          You can enroll in the English language course or the French language course. The content of both courses is the same so we advise only selecting one. You will only receive a certificate for the course you completed.

  • I have already completed the 6-week course, is my certification still valid? Do I have to retake the course?

         Yes, your certificate is still valid. You do not need to retake the course.

  • Will new courses be coming to the Learning Platform?

          Yes. Sign up to our mailing list to find out when we release new training material.

  • How do I view course content without logging in?

          Visit learn.digitalearthafrica.org and select a course to show it's “About” page. There will be a URL to the course homepage. You can view all course content without  registering an account, but you cannot answer quiz questions or receive a certificate.


Do you have more questions? Find out more or ask your own questions on our Help Desk platform here.

Capture of the Learning platform with english and french courses highlighted