12 Aug 2021

Digital Earth Africa can be used to access a wide range of spatial data across Africa. Learn how it can be used for searching data, finding location coordinates and analysing data with the Open Data Cube. Get started on the Digital Earth Africa Map here. 

These videos are part of a workshop from the 2021 Open Data Cube Conference. The full workshop recording can be viewed here. A written tutorial version can be accessed here.

Search DE Africa data by location in Maps

This video demonstrates how to access and filter Digital Earth Africa data by location. The tutorial will guide you on accessing a wide library of spatial data and refining your search to explore data over a specific location or area of interest. 


Use Maps to find location coordinates

This video demonstrates how to locate key points or areas of interest within the Digital Earth Africa Map. Use the search function to find coordinates and other important information about a location, an important step when accessing and analysing DE Africa spatial data over an area of interest.


Loading Data with the Open Data Cube

This video outlines the steps in loading, accessing and analysing satellite data with the Open Data Cube (ODC). Understanding the ODC data loading process is essential for undertaking bespoke spatial data analysis within the DE Africa Sandbox, an accessible Python-based JupyterLab environment.


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Originally presented by Dr Caitlin Adams , Data Scientist at FrontierSI.