We have a broad and representative Governing Board and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The Board will provide advice and oversight, build political buy-in and mobilize resources, while the TAC sets technical priorities, aligns program outcomes and focuses on capacity development and uptake of our products and services. A host institution will provide the needed fiduciary mechanism for a DE Africa Trust Fund and provide capabilities to host a small, core team to manage, coordinate and facilitate the program.

The Digital Earth Africa Governance Framework outlines the core functions, relationships, terms of reference, principles and process for the Governing Board, a Technical Advisory Committee and a Stakeholder Community Group.

The governance of DE Africa will be guided by several key principles:
Open and Free Data
Open and Free Data
  • Interoperability
  • Privacy and Integrity
Operational Service
Operational Service
  • Continental-scale
  • Sustainable
  • Domain expertise
Accountability and Transparency
Accountability and transparency
  • Responsive to African priorities
  • Agile, nimble and actions oriented
Diversity and inclusion
Diversity and inclusion
  • Multi-sector perspectives
  • Span data communities
  • Foster collaboration