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Open data cubes

The open data cube (ODC) is an open source solution for accessing, managing and analyzing large quantities of Earth observation data, in particular time-series of satellite images. The initiative is both a community and a technology, with the idea that a community is being developed around this open source technology to further advance its core capabilities. The purpose of an ODC is to allow ingestion, storage, provision and analysis of structured geospatial data.  An ODC consists of:

  • time-series, multi-dimensional (space, time, data type) stack of spatially aligned pixels ready for analysis
  • Analysis Ready Data (ARD): satellite data that have been processed to a minimum set of requirements and organized into a form that allows immediate analysis with a minimum of additional user effort and interoperability both through time and with other datasets
  • open source software approach allowing free access, promoting expanded capabilities and increasing data usage.
  • exploits time-series data, provides data interoperability and supports the development of new applications.

We're using the ODC concept to produce decision-ready products and services that support decision makers from all sectors, anywhere in Africa.

Diagram explaining how observations are taken and translated into analysis ready data in the open data cube to produce products for decisions

Digital Earth Australia

Digital Earth Australia was the first continental ODC developed by the Australian Government to reduce the barriers to analysing satellite data. It is internationally recognised as a game changer for the use of satellite information to address real world problems.  Its model is a pathway for the success of addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals using EO and ODC technologies. Digital Earth Africa is expanding upon and scaling up this Australian innovation for Africa to offer a unique solution that best suits the African continent.

African Regional Data Cube

The African Regional Data Cube (ARDC) currently supports ODC access and capacity building for five countries: Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. The initiative is led by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) who we are working closely with to transition ARDC to Digital Earth Africa's continental-wide infrastructure. Learn more about the transition.